Sunday, June 5, 2016

Accidentally Amish Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge

14. Accidentally Amish by Olivia Newport

Escape the helter-skelter of the modern culture and join software creator Annie Friesen, hiding at the home of an Amishman. With her high-tech career in jeopardy, Annie runs from fast-paced Colorado Springs—and straight into the hospitality of San Luis Valley’s Amish community. There she meets cabinetmaker Rufus Beiler, and the more time she spends with him, the more attracted she becomes. When Annie finds she shares a common ancestor with Rufus, she feels both cultures colliding within her. But is her love for Rufus strong enough for her to give up the only life she’s ever known?

My Review:
     It's not everyday that someone shows away (aka runs away from her problems, so to say) in a pickup truck and ends up in an Amish community. That's exactly what Annie did when she had enough of a certain situation. Deciding to hanglow for awhile, Annie stays in an inn just on the outskirts. In the meantime, Annie and Rufus, despite the their stubbornness to admit it, start to fall for each other. When an accident happens, Rufus' family takes in Annie to help her recovery. Rufus has to deal with problems of his own as someone tries to sabotage his work. After Annie heals, they depart, knowing that their different lifestyles won't work out well together. That is until something tragic occurs, bringing them back together. Both of their situations end up well and Annie decides to make a radical change by (thinking about) converting to Amish. 

     I thought that the storyline and plots were well-developed. I've always admired the Amish lifestyle, in particular how they all come together (without question) to rebuild after tragedy strikes and their power of forgiveness. In this story, it was interesting to see the difference between the Amish ways and English ways. Both Annie and Rufus had somewhat similar situations, but handled it differently. Getting revenge isn't always the best solution as Annie comes to find out.

As Annie gets to know about Rufus and his family, she ends up discovering more about her family, like finding out she has some Amish blood. Genealogy plays an important part in who we are. Did you ever find out something interesting about your family history?



  1. Sounds like a good journey for the protagonist. My family history... Yeah, don't know much about that.

    1. Sorry for responding late, aa I was away. For me, on my dad's side, we are Polish, German, Swiss and French. However, my aunt took one of those ancestry dna tests and told us in April that supposedly we are 20% Irish (I am Irish on my mom's side as well.)