Monday, September 26, 2016

Resolutions (Jenn Faulk) Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge

19. Resolutions by Jenn Faulk

Three friends, ten resolutions, and a year full of big life changes.
For Emily Fisher and her friends, New Year’s Eve has never been about more than eating cake and watching the minutes until midnight disappear. This year, though, Emily, Sara, and Melissa decide that as they approach the age of thirty, they’re going to make some bold resolutions together and see them through in the year ahead, never guessing how dramatically life will change for them in the process. As the daughter of a megachurch pastor and the assistant to a sensational and exhausting wedding coordinator, Emily already has her hands full. Using the resolutions as a challenge to make life about more than being a mindless drone at work, she ventures out of her comfort zone – trying new hobbies, picking up new exercise habits, travelling abroad, helping out in new ways at church, DATING – and discovers in the process that there’s more to life than weddings and work. When her family experiences unexpected hardships, Emily is forced to re-evaluate all of her priorities, and the lessons she learns lead her to stronger faith, a new dream for her career, and a romance greater than any that she could have imagined for herself.

My Review:
Although this book is about the resolutions that three friends make, the story centers around Emily. Emily has her hands full working for an over-demanding wedding coordinator. With the support of her friends, they embark on a life changing journey. Together, Emily, Sara, and Melissa agree on ten resolutions for the new year. As the year progresses, they are forced to go out of their comfort zone. Things don't always go according to plan and unexpected events come up and they learn what's really important in life. Of course, they learn other life lessons along the way, especially Emily. 

The 10 Resolutions
1. February - get in shape
2. March - amp up your love life
3. April - volunteer somewhere new in church 
4. May - go somewhere exotic
5. June - begin attending weekly Bible session 
6. July - help someone truly in need
7. August - improve your home
8. September - start a new hobby
9. October - move forward in career
10. November - improve social life



  1. Interesting time of year to review this book. It's kind of a good time to take a look at any resolutions that anyone made in January and reevaluate.

    Sounds like an interesting book, though.

    1. Since I've been trying to catch up on book reviews, I read this a few months ago. I have a lot of books on my kindle app and for me, it's been easier to pick them at random. ~Meg