Thursday, December 29, 2016

Petty Cash (Kimberly Vargas) Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge

55. Petty Cash by Kimberly Vargas
      Topic/Theme: book with a blue cover

This is the romantic office comedy that human resources warned you about. Florida resident Rebecca Blake works as an assistant to a group of psychologists. She is strikingly beautiful and athletic. People see her as a nice, likable girl who is fine in her role but who could never really aspire to more at the company. Rebecca is told in her performance review that in order to get promoted, she is going to have to work on her credibility. As part of her career development plan, she is sent to a behavioral training course (nicknamed 'Club Detention') at company headquarters in Virginia. In error, she is partnered with Foster Diamond, who has the highest intelligence scores in the company. Even though he is a genius, Foster has own issues around interpersonal skills, attitude and his perception overall. Rebecca and Foster have nothing in common, but between his weakness for her beauty and her admiration of his intellect, they forge an unlikely bond. During the course they find that by pooling their respective strengths, they may be able to improve their careers. Sooner rather than later, their startling natural chemistry begins to take their partnership in another direction, and they must face their glaring differences or part ways.

My Review:
I selected this book for two reasons: one would be the requirement of having a blue cover and second, I thought the plot was unique. I don't believe that there are many office romance books out there. Rebecca gets sent off to a behavioral training course (who knew that even existed) to work on her credibility, making sure that she has the drive to get promoted within the company. For the time there, Rebecca gets paired with Foster, the genius of the company. However, Foster always ends up at Club Detention for attitude and personality issues. As they don't have anything in common, they get off to a rough start. They end up forming a sort of partnership, using the other's strengths to make changes in themselves. Foster doesn't adapt easily to Rebecca's suggestions at first, but eventually she becomes a positive influence to him. Due to their time spent together, they start a romance and discover slight things in common. It's a relationship that has its ups and downs, but comes to a head when an ex of his gets in the way. Foster has to prove once and for all that he's the one for Rebecca. 

Here's my take. While I do believe that opposites attract, Rebecca and Foster literally had nothing in common. Foster was domineering and did things according to his own agenda. To me, a relationship means an equal partnership and each person's opinion matters. I couldn't really see them together or making it as a married couple. This was just alright; the story didn't have the magic spark that I like to have in a book. There were numerous mistakes throughout as well.

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