Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Funday: Back to School

Sunday Funday
It's that time of year again - back to school time. So I thought I would tell you some of my school memories since I'm personally not going back to school.
The first day of school. When I first started school as a kindergartner, I remember being so excited. My mom had been the kindergarten aide for the two years prior to mine (started with my brother's class) and I used to hang out there and I already knew the teacher. I was actually upset on my first day of kindergarten because I didn't start at the same time my brother did. He was in 2nd grade then and he started at 8, but that day, I didn't have to start until 9 or 10.
Subjects. In elementary school, I had liked math for several years, well up until 7th grade. In high school, my favorite classes were: English, French, Accounting and US History.
Teachers. Elementary school - Mrs. Zerumsky, my kindergarten teacher. High school - Ms. Kady, my French teacher and Ms. Boland, my English teacher for my freshman and junior years.
Sports/Activities. I wasn't allowed to play sports because of my heart condition, so that was out of the question. I did stage crew for all four years of high school for theatre shows and yes, I had to be there for every rehearsal. I also was co-copy editor and writer for my school's newspaper for two years, as well as being active all four years with CSC (Community Service Corps).


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