Monday, March 21, 2016

A to Z Theme Reveal!

The April A to Z Blogging Challenge is almost here. And today I'll be revealing my theme.

A to Z Theme Reveal

My theme is.........

A Book Extravaganza

I will be taking you for a ride along featuring classic book titles/synopses and some days I will be featuring books that have inspired or impacted me in any way as a little extra bonus.

Note: For anyone that's doing this same challenge, I will not be able to do a lot of visiting the first weekend since I will be out of town for a family wedding. I will, however, be posting those days.

I am looking forward to see themes of what others are doing.



  1. Hi Megan - looks to be fun .. always good to read about books that inspire .. enjoy your family wedding though ... cheers Hilary

  2. Sounds like fun, Meg! I look forward to your posts ~Lori~

    Lori's A2Zs @ As the Fates Would Have It & Promptly Written

  3. Hi, books are always fun themes. Help grow the TBR lists. Best of luck with the challenge.


  4. Looking forward to exploring more books with you Meg!

  5. Great theme Meg, good luck and hope to see you in April :)

  6. You can't beat an extravaganza! Have fun at the wedding too. Good luck in the challenge.

  7. Good to visit your site as a part of my A to Z visits. My theme Blog Promotion
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  8. stopping by on the A-Z hop! good luck with your theme. Anything books is all right by me! Gail at Making Life An Art

  9. What would we do without our books. This addicted reader and writer will be back in April. Love the #Challenge that provides finding new blogging friends.

    1. Thanks Stepheny! I look forward to finding new blog friends as well. ~Meg

  10. that seems like a great topic, can't wait to see what books you will be sharing!

    Diana - ABC's of Hamburg