Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wellness Warrior Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge

12. Wellness Warrior by Lisa Douthit

Have you ever awakened to find you’ve contracted a devastating disease that ended life as you knew it forever? Lisa did . . . multiple times. After surviving four different cancers, she hit the final wall when a life-threatening autoimmune disease took over. Exhausted and discouraged, she had to make a choice: was she going to give in to disease and let nature take its course, or would she use whatever strength she had left to figure out what the hell was happening to her…and more importantly, WHY?
After immersing herself in the study of illness from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective, Lisa learned how to recreate her body from the cellular level while keeping her sense of humor. Throughout her crazy journey, she shares practical skills and a quirky higher guidance to create positive shifts in our health which will serve as a roadmap through the darkest hours of life.

My Review:
Lisa's journey through cancer and an autoimmune disease is one of a kind. There's not many people who have been through as much as she has. Her story was more like an emotional and spiritual process. While I'm not a fan of holistic and alternative therapies (like the whole shaman thing), I liked that Lisa was willing to give different things a try - things that she never would have imagined doing. I did find it to be on the slow side, as I didn't really care for her writing style. I could have done less with the dream parts, though - I think she went on a little bit too detailed with that. I wished there was more of the family dynamic during everything. I believe this book is suited more for anyone who has a chronic disease.

Ever since I got diagnosed with my heart condition, I have been interested in these kinds of books in which people share how they stayed positive or got through an illness or something. Going through a hard time makes you think about life and all of that. The main point I disagree with is that people choose to get sick or whatever from stress or what we do in our lives. While I do agree that stress, eating unhealthy, not exercising, etc. can lead to illness, I don't believe that it's the whole picture. I didn't plan to have my heart condition, nor do I believe that I could have done anything differently to avoid "getting" it. I've known people who seem to do everything right when it comes to staying healthy, but still got cancer, etc.

When it comes to being sick with any type of disease/condition, I believe people should do whatever they want to do to stay positive or deal with what they have. Different therapies/medicine work for different people, so it's about what works for you.

Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!


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