Friday, October 21, 2016

Losing Faith (Jeremy Asher) Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge

35. Losing Faith by Jeremy Asher

Synopsis: Seth Storm, a once famous musician from Nashville, is now nothing more than a fallen star. After climbing the music charts and making his dreams come true, his life took a turn that he’d never expected, causing him to lose it all. But Seth is determined to do whatever it takes to get it all back, even if that includes doing the one thing he swore he’d never do.After turning his back on his career, music, and the life he had worked so hard to build, Seth embarks on a journey to make things right and get his life back.Along the way, Seth encounters a storm that threatens his chances at getting back the one thing that could fix his broken life: his daughter, Faith. Forced to travel with strangers, Seth discovers that his success and failure are not just at the hands of fate, but that they also rest within his traveling companions.
This is a story about how far a man will go when he has nothing to lose and only one chance at getting it all back to honor a promise he made to his little girl. The road to picking up the pieces of his broken life places him face-to-face with his demons, leading him to realize that nothing is worse than Losing Faith.

My Review:
This was a light and easy read. I could definitely see it as a movie on Lifetime or Hallmark. It did have some clich├ęs, but I still enjoyed it as a whole.

Doesn't it seem that when we have to get somewhere or something done in a quick manner, there's always obstacles that get in the way? This is centered around Seth. He's on a mission to do whatever he has to do to get back home to Indiana to regain custody of his daughter. He puts everything on the line to make up for lost time since he threw it all away to become a musician and now that it's all over, he wants to regain his life back. Seth first encounters a problem when he gets stuck at the airport in a snow storm. 

Frank and Trista are also looking to get to Indiana for different reasons and get stranded too at the airport. Doing whatever they can to get there, Frank rents a car and offers to give Seth a ride. Not far down the road, they meet up with Trista again, who's own car breaks down in the storm and she gets stranded for the second time with her daughter. Thus, Frank, Seth, Trista, and Samantha embark on a journey through blizzard like conditions just to escape from their troubles and start a new chapter in their life, especially Seth and Trista. Mishaps along the way threaten to get in the way of that. They deal with difficulty driving, car troubles, and dealing with Trista's abusive fiance. Being forced to spend time together, they learn of each other's pasts and how they got to where they are currently. I want to point out that Seth and Trista are the ones looking to escape their past lives and move forward to a new start. Frank is the one who stays calm, cool, and collected and offers a new perspective to each of the problems. It's Frank who really propels the story forward. When all is said and done, they make it to Indiana. It may have taken longer than expected, but Seth managed to get back in time for his daughter Faith's custody hearing. It's a small world when Frank turns out to be the judge for the case and gives a solution that works for everyone involved (Seth, Faith, and Faith's grandparents who want custody after her mom dies).

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  1. I'm not surprised it has cliches considering the blurb. That blurb was way vague.