Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Through the Tears (Rosemary Hines) Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge

25. Through the Tears by Rosemary Hines

Michelle Baron sat on the edge of the couch, her heart racing as she looked at the envelope in her hand. I guess this is it, she thought. The return address seemed harmless enough. Fairfield Lab, Portland, Oregon. But this envelope contained information that could change her life forever.
Michelle and her family rejoice when her father begins to regain consciousness after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. But a long journey awaits, as they seek to clear his name of the embezzlement charges that drove him to this desperate act. The days of their vigil at the hospital drag into weeks, and Michelle finds herself repeatedly drawn to the newborn nursery. Observing couples leave with tiny babies in their arms, her heart is stirred, and she begins to yearn for a child of her own. However, an unexpected twist will threaten her new dream.

My Review:
As John starts to recover from his suicide attempt, his family has to take care of his embezzlement charges and clear his name. In the meantime, Michelle has to figure out how to deal with Trevor. Who's Trevor? Trevor was her spiritual guide (or something like that) in Out of a Dream. It has also been his mission to somehow get involved intimately with Michelle and are destined to be together. And yes, he knows she's married. There have been some instances where Michelle has felt more comfortable being around him rather than her husband. Now, Michelle is looking to break back into her Christian faith, but is still battling some feelings for Trevor. In this book, you'll get to hear from Trevor's perspective as well and see where he's coming from. Michelle knows she has to break things off with him in order to fix things with her husband (once Steve finds out). She's more confused than ever between wanting to become Christian again and sorting things out with Trevor. Once she breaks it off, Trevor seems fine, but still wants to figure out how to be a part of her forever.

Since John is facing a long road to recovery, Michelle, along with her family, spends a lot of time at the hospital. Michelle keeps finding herself drawn to the nursery. Seeing couples leave with their newborns makes Michelle want to have a child of her own and experience the same joy of starting a family. After John moves to a rehab center closer to home, Michelle has time once again to focus on doing just that. Months go by without anything happening and finally they find out that Steve is infertile. As they figure out the options, Steve pushes for adoption, while Michelle really wants to give birth herself. They agree to artificial insemination (Steve only does because he knows how much it means to her). Once hearing about this, Trevor has a trick up his sleeve to always have a connection to her by being the other donor without them knowing about it. The process goes well and Michelle becomes pregnant pretty quick. Once Michelle gives birth, Steve could be less than thrilled. And they do find out about Trevor. It seems to be a matter of pride that he doesn't want to be involved with the baby. The not knowing who technically is the father leads him to request a DNA test to find out for sure. Once the results come back, all is well as Steve is the father and he's able to become the father he should be.

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