Sunday, December 20, 2015

Finding Margo Book Review

2015 Reading Challenge

31. Finding Margo by Susanne O'Leary
      Theme/Topic: book set in a different county (France)

When Margo misreads a roadmap while travelling by car through France, her husband Alan flies into one of his usual rages. Tired of his constant bad moods, Margo slips away from him at a motorway café. She hitches a lift with a woman truck driver and escapes into the French countryside. What follows is adventure and romance far beyond her wildest dreams. Will Alan find her before she finds herself? 

My Review:
I struggled with this review because even though I didn't particularly enjoy the book, there was something to take away from it.

While at a motorway café (service plaza kind of thing), Margo essentially reaches her breaking point and decides to leave her abusive (emotional/mental as supposed to physical) husband. She leaves everything behind except the clothes on her back and starts a whole new life. That makes this book a coming of age journey in that sense.

Here's the thing. I didn't like the way she left him. If that was me, I would have told him straightforward that I wanted out of the marriage and moved out of the house. And then proceed with a divorce. I tend to think that couples get divorced over the littlest things, instead of trying to work it our first through counseling or some other way. Not to mention that she ends up falling for another guy who is pretty much the same type of person as Alan. To me, the story lacked that special something and lacked interest.

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