Friday, December 12, 2014

Writer's Block: a Curse or Blessing

Writer's block. It's something that every writer goes through, whether we like to admit it or not. It's not fun, but is writer's block a blessing in disguise? I think so.

Yes, having to deal with and go through a period of writer's block is not easy. As a writer, it's probably one of the worst things to handle, second to handling rejection (but that's another topic). That's why it may be a "curse" to some people. It can last a little while or maybe a bit longer, but I promise you, you will eventually be able to move on and have those ideas bursting again. This is where the "blessing" part comes in. Sometimes you have to go through a hard time (take writer's block for instance) to get better results, or in this case, better stories/ideas.

Saying that, here are a couple tips to conquer writer's block:
  1. Keep Writing! It seems that every writer will tell you to keep writing and it's true. If you can't think of how to start a new novel/book/writing project, etc, there is always the option to free write. It doesn't matter what you write, just as long as you keep writing is what matters.
  2. Journal. You never know what may come from a simple journal entry and journaling is a form of writing again. It might spark something when you least expect it.
  3. Visit a writing project that you put aside. Every writer will start a writing project, but after awhile, lose interest in it, and put it on the backburner. Revisit it and see where it may lead.
  4. Read a book. This one is simple. Find inspiration from simply reading a book.
  5. Escape! Get out of the house! Sometimes the best place for find inspiration for a story is by visiting a favorite place of yours. Go the beach or the mountains or wherever you like to go to get away. Enjoy the alone time and cherish the memories from those places. Enjoy a bit of fresh air for a change. Sometimes just getting away for a couple hours is all you need to get that writing project flowing again.
Those are my tips for you. Remember that inspiration can come when you least expect it, from overhearing conversation in a restaurant to reading a newspaper headline. Take me for instance. Four months ago, I became a first time aunt to my wonderful nephew. Seeing him for only a couple weeks helped me come up with ideas for stories. He kind of helps, since I want to write children's books, but he was my "blessing" to help me overcome a period of writer's block in my life.

Keep on Writing!


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