Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow Adventures

Hi. I'm back. I know I've been away for a little while from posting, but I'm hoping to change all that. With all the snow that's been hitting the country recently with the recent snow storm in New England, I've decided to write about my own snow adventures.

I come from an area that seems to always be in the middle of a snow storm and we either tend to get nothing or several inches at one time. I am from Philadelphia and we were in the path of the latest Nor'easter that gave the New England area around 2-3' of snow, which also included parts of Northern New Jersey and parts of New York. My area was supposed to get about 14", but at the last minute, it ended up barely hitting us at all and we only got an inch. When I was a kid, we had quite a number of blizzards and major snow storms. I went sledding once at a local park. I loved playing out in the snow making snow angels and having snowball fights with my brother. We lived behind my aunt's funeral home and we were right next to her driveway. Sometimes with blizzards, the snow would make a hill on one side of the driveway and we would have fun climbing up it and sliding down it. It made some great memories. And the best part after playing in the snow while my dad shoveled was going back in the house for a nice cup of hot chocolate. I am one of the few people who likes snow - I just don't like it when it gets icy and starts getting messy and dirty. Last year, my mom and I went down to Virginia in February to visit family for a few days and we ended coming back home during a snow storm. We took a train both ways and coming back, it was pretty neat seeing the snow fall on the trees and all - I appreciate the beauty of snow after it just falls with a nice white blanket of it. However, the train got icy at the area between the cars and getting off was horrible since I had to juggle carrying bags and trying not to slip and fall at the same time. It was an interesting experience, but it was okay in the end.

Since I've gotten older, I have to shovel outside of my house nowadays since my parents are older, but I wouldn't take any of those fun days back. I probably started shoveling as a pre-teen/teen and I haven't really stopped since. I just happened to start shoveling around the same time that I was diagnosed with a heart condition, which basically means that I can still shovel, but I have to be careful and pay attention to my body. More on all of that later on in a future post.

Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!!


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