Thursday, March 12, 2015

Coming in April

While today is Thursday and I would normally post an author spotlight feature, I will be doing something different. But, don't worry, I'll be doing the author spotlight tomorrow.
This April, I am pleased to announce that I will be taking part in the A to Z Challenge. The goal/point is to post each day in April except for Sundays writing about something that begins with the letters of the alphabet. For instance, April 1st will be the letter A, the 2nd B and so on each day until the letter Z. This will be challenging me to post and write more. There is also the option to make every post around a certain theme, but I am not doing that. For more information and if anyone's interested in joining this challenge, check out the link below.
Now, because of this, I will not be posting my normal blog posts, like the author spotlight ones, in April. There will only be two more of them up this month, not including the one I'm doing tomorrow. I will start them back up in May after the challenge is over.
Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!

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