Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Taking the Lead Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge - Writing Tuesday

2. Taking the Lead by Derek Hough
    Topic: book by a celebrity

Known for being on Dancing With the Stars, Derek Hough shares some insights of his dancing career and how he got there from the beginning. And the lessons he's learned along the way to success.

My Review:
I've been a fan of Dancing With the Stars almost since the beginning, getting really into it all the way back in season three. Now, as they're getting ready for season 22, the show's come a long way from 2005 when it first started. If anyone knows me, they know that Derek Hough, along with Mark Ballas, are my favorite pros. Both joined in season five and I knew that they had/were something special. They just brought something different, that more modern approach, to the dance floor. This does not mean that I don't like the other pros as well - let's face it, there's been a lot of great pros throughout the years/seasons.

For me, I really enjoyed the book. Derek did a good job of telling us more about his childhood before starting dance. I appreciated that he talked about a time in his life when he was bullied.  The sad truth is that many children/teens have been/are being bullied, myself included when I was younger. There are different extremes, but it's wrong regardless. Many do overcome it, though. I liked learning more about his dance days in England, when he was taught by Mark's parents and training with different partners. I kind of wish Derek would have talked more about that time, being that he was a tween/teen being away from his parents. Just like it was interesting to read about his different partners on Dancing With the Stars. What I enjoyed the most was the quotes throughout the book from different people in his life. I do wish there was more behind the scenes stuff about Dancing With the Stars, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Another favorite part was how Derek incorporated the lessons he learned at the end of each chapter. It seems odd that a man not quite of 30, at the time of his writing this, could learn so much in his life. The older we get, the more we learn. However, we need to make those mistakes when we're younger to get to that point of knowledge/wisdom. He did admit to having a hyperactivity disorder (let's face it - we've pretty much known that if you're familiar with the show lol) and how he overcame that.

Throughout his fame and success, Derek still has stayed humble. I liked how he talked about his partners on DWTS without bragging, but just being proud of what they were able to accomplish. After all, he did win the Mirror Ball five times (four at the time of writing this book), but I liked how all were different and brought different things to the table. It shows that we all learn things different ways. This book is an easy read for anyone, but great for anyone who's a fan of Derek or Dancing With the Stars.

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