Sunday, February 21, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Sunday Funday

Although winter is over in just a few weeks, I've decided to do a winter tag. In my area, it's actually slightly warmer than normal.

All About Winter

1. Do you like the cold?
     Yes only because I don't tolerate heat well in summer.

2. Favorite Part About Winter?
     I've always liked a fresh coat of snow on the ground/ trees because it looks beautiful.

3. Favorite Winter Drink?
     Hot chocolate or tea

4. Do You Do Any Outdoor Activity's In The Winter?
     Not really. I've always wanted to learn how to ski. I like ice skating and even took lessons one winter - wish I could ice skate more.

5. Favorite Winter Scent?
     The crispness of a fireplace. I don't actually have a fireplace but there's a store down the street that always has a fire going to keep warm when people are outside of it.

6. Does It Snow Where You Live?
     Yep. My area had a blizzard a few weeks ago, part of winter storm Jonas. We also had a coating/couple inches not too long ago. When it comes to storms where I live, it's either hit or miss depending on the track of it.

7. Favorite Clothing Item In Winter?
     Just sweaters to keep warm.

8. Your Favorite Winter Memory?
     Don't really have one. When I do a play, rehearsals are in winter and they can be fun. I did like ice skating when I was a teen.

Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!


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