Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wild Irish Book Review

2016 Reading Challenge

3. Wild Irish Roots - Tricia O'Malley
4. Wild Irish Heart - Tricia O'Malley
Topic: a book and its prequel

Wild Irish Roots - Growing up in the small town of Grace’s Cove, Margaret never knew that she was different. She didn’t understand why people were unnerved by her ability to see what others could not. When her mother explains that she is special, gifted, her world shifts forever. Desperately wanting to be normal, Margaret is determined to seal that part of herself away. It seems as though she might succeed – until Sean Burke steps into her life. Sean is an apprentice on a fishing boat and is pursuing his dream of running his own fishing business. Tales of the fish pulled from the rumored-to-be-enchanted cove are legendary across Ireland, and Sean is determined to learn its secrets. What he doesn't expect is to be blindsided by his love for Margaret. Helpless to stop loving Sean, but unable to confess to her shameful secret, Margaret must face the truth about herself – or run away from it forever.

Wild Irish Heart - An ancient book, a power untouched, and a heart unloved lead Keelin O'Brien from her graduate studies in Boston to a small village on the coast of Southern Ireland. Determined to unearth the secrets lying hidden in the enchanted waters of the cove, Keelin has little time for a surly Irishman who infuriates her during the day and haunts her fantasies at night. Inexplicably drawn to the woman who has stepped from his dreams and into his world, Flynn fights a stubborn battle against his increasing attraction for Keelin. Forces unknown have better plans for the two. Only the secrets of the cove can show Keelin who she really is, the beauty of her mysterious power, and a love that will break the bounds of what she knows. (Note: Keelin is the daughter of Margaret from the prequel.)

My Review:
I was interested in these two books because they take place in Ireland. The prequel/novella gives the background story of a family of "gifted" individuals passed down from generation to generation. And how they react and the people around them react to having special powers. In the first book of the Mystic Cove Series, Wild Irish Heart tells the story of Keelin. When her mom, Margaret, wanted to run away from her magical power, she moved to the States with her then infant daughter. Keelin grows up normal, but feels like she doesn't belong. When she goes to Ireland to find out more about her own powers, as well as do research about a mystic cove, Keelin's in for more than she realizes. Keelin learns the truth about who she really is and finds a place where she belongs. Flynn and Keelin may be different, but are drawn to each other. Both are put to the test before finally realizing that they more in common than they thought and go against what they believe in. It's an example of how I believe that they're someone out there for everyone.

For me, both books were good, but not great enough to earn high praise. I appreciated the plot in Wild Irish Heart more than the prequel. I don't necessarily believe in people having powers to see things or heal people by touch (as portrayed in these). The stories just progressed a little on the slow side and I won't be reading any more books in this series. The rest of the series features the development of the other characters in the book who also have those magical powers and how they learn how to live with it and find love at the same time.

On a separate note, tomorrow February 5 is National Wear Red Day for heart disease and stroke awareness (the day is sponsored by the American Heart Association for American Heart Month). I do have a heart condition myself, as well as strong heart disease history in my family, so it's an important issue for me. Join me and many others in wearing read tomorrow for this special cause.
Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!

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