Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Childhood Memories

For day 3 of the A to Z Challenge, I have decided to write about my favorite childhood memories featuring cartoons, TV shows and toys/random.
Childhood Memories/Favorites of a '90s Kid

1. Muppet Babies
2. Recess                                                                                                 3. Animaniacs
TV Shows:
1. Full House                                                                                                2. 7th Heaven

4. Home Improvement     
5. Saved By the Bell

6. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

7. Boy Meets World

1. Beanie Babies

2. Barbie

3. Polly Pocket

4. Lisa Frank Stationary

So these are just a few of my favorite things as a child. It was actually hard choosing my top favorites for this.

What were your favorite things from your childhood?

Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!


  1. Ummmmm YES TO ALL OF THESE!! I loved Lisa Frank stationary! Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince, all of these! :D

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cortney! This was fun to do and rediscover some of my favorite things as a child.