Friday, April 10, 2015


Today's post for the A to Z Challenge is I for Inspiration.
     Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from within you, another person, or anything like a song, quote or whatever it may be.
     Today I'll be writing about what inspires me, or rather who has inspired me to become a writer or has been an inspiration in my life.
First, for writing.
    Ms. Boland - She was my English teacher in high school for two years (freshman and junior).    
                          My writing was always well liked by her and she even told me that I had a "great
                         flow to my writing," as a freshman and to a 15 year old, that solidified a lifetime goal
                         of mine to be a writer. I have always wanted to be a writer as long as I can remember.
     Charles - He is my older and only brother. We are just under two years apart. Anyway, when I was
                     younger (as a 6 or 7yr old), I wrote my own version of my favorite movie at the time,
                     "Beauty and the Beast." My brother told me after he read it that I could be a great writer
                    someday. He doesn't remember saying that, but I will never forget what he said.
Second, for life.
     Sister Ida - She was a nun at my high school. She wasn't a teacher, but in charge of CSC
                        (community service corps) of which I was involved all four years. We had a great
                        relationship from the beginning and through our conversations, I was inspired to not
                       let anything hold me back and to be the best person I could be. The sad thing is, I don't 
                       think she'll ever know how much she meant to me.
     Grandma - Yet again another family member. I had a great relationship with my grandma all my
                       life. She was born during World War 1, lived through World War II and various other
                       wars and lived through the Great Depression. She was relatively healthy her whole life,
                       but when she did have to go through something, she battled through it and came out on
                       top. That was until she got diagnosed with breast cancer at 92/93 - as much as she  
                       fought, the cancer ended up winning the battle in 2010 at 94. She would often be the
                       first one to help anybody - from taking over a store when her aunt's health declined to
                       mentoring at risk kids. My grandma always inspired me to live my life to the fullest
                       take advantage of any opportunity that came my way.

What or Who inspires you?
Well, this concludes today's post.
Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!


  1. So many things can become inspiration--watching a certain movie can spark an idea, or a certain song. Sometimes just taking a break and enjoying nature outside or reading a great book.