Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Music of My Heart

M is for Music...of My Heart for the A to Z Challenge.

There are always songs that remind us of someone. And songs or certain singers or groups we listen to when we are having a bad day, feeling down, or whatever it may be and that's what this post is about today.

First, I'm going to write about a song that reminds me of a loved one. Music of My Heart is a song by Gloria Estefan and *NSync. It reminds me of my grandma, who used to sing all the time and just inspired me to go after my dreams.

Favorite Lyrics:
"You taught me to run, You taught me to fly, Helped me to free the me inside, Help me hear the music of my heart, Help me hear the music of my heart, You've opened my eyes,You've opened the door,To something I've never known before, And your love, Is the music of my heart"
"What you taught me, Only your love could ever teach me,You got through when no one could reach me, Cause you always saw in me, All the best that I could be, It was you who set me free"
For the second part of this, I'm just going to list a couple of artists/songs who I listen to when I'm feeling down or upset, etc.
               1. Celtic Thunder -
               2. Ryan Kelly (also member of CT) -
               3. *NSync
               4. Mark Ballas -
                       ~ Life Happens
                       ~ Light On
                       ~ Faith
               5. Miley Cyrus - The Climb
               6. The Beatles - With a Little Help From My Friends
Like I said, those would be my top artists/songs - any songs by the top four usually works for me, among others. I've listed the websites of the ones that you may not have heard of.
Who/What do you listen to?
Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!

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