Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Writing What You Know...or Not?

Writing Tuesday

Tackling Writing What You Know...

Over the years, I've read lots of writing magazines and articles on writing tips, advice and such. What I have found out is that while some of those articles recommend writing what you know, there are other ones that say that writing what you know isn't the best tactic. I've decided to share my input on this.

Writing What You Know
~ You know what to write about
~ You don't have to research the topic as much
~ Possibilities are endless
~ More inspiration/motivation to write
Not Writing What You Know
~ Endless possibilities (multiple topics to choose from)
~ More research required
~ You may find something that interests you
~ Writing may take longer
It all comes down to this. Writing what you know may be a bit more easier, but it's also important to learn new things as well. Whether you write what you know or not, research is always a necessity. Over the years things change and it's good to know more about what you're writing about. Like I pointed out in both situations, there are endless possibilities/topics to write about. Choose what you feel comfortable with and run with it and see what you come up with. Most stories get repeated through the years - it's how they are written that makes them different and unique. Making a story different is the key to becoming a successful writer.
Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!

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