Saturday, November 7, 2015

Starlight Book Review

2015 Reading Challenge

24. Starlight by Debbie Macomber
      Theme/Topic: a popular author's first book

At a magical Christmas fete, Karen McAlister meets a man she cannot ignore—the first man to interest her in a long while. Before she laid eyes on Rand Prescott, Karen would have said her life was complete and content . . . much to the dismay of her widowed father, who would love to see her married and settled. But everything changed that enchanted night: The stars, the moonlight, the music, and the champagne all conspired to throw two people together. But the fates are determined to pull them apart. Long ago, Rand Prescott erected a steel façade around his heart. He never had any intention of maintaining any kind of relationship with a woman. Independent, proud, and nearly blind, Rand felt he had no capacity to return a woman’s love. But that was before he met Karen. In one night, she shattered all of his preconceived ideas about romance and threatened to break through his walls. Rand is convinced that Karen deserves better than the love of a blind man. Can he ever accept this beguiling woman into his life—and into his soul?

My Review:
As Debbie Macomber's one of my all-time favorite authors, this book was good. Like I recently wrote about, a writer gets better with each book (this goes for any craft/career). I find this to be true of any great author or any writer for that matter. What I like about Debbie Macomber (and just like fellow writer Karen Kingsbury) is that she keeps it real. Both authors manage to write about everyday issues in a believable way, if that makes sense.

In Starlight, there's Rand who's guarded and put up a wall so thick that no one can get in. And then there's Karen, who falls in love at first sight, but has some doubts. Disabilities, like Rand being almost completely blind, can hinder relationships in that they may not necessarily believe or think that normal people will accept them for who they are. I can understand Rand keeping his guard up, especially about having children (valid fears in his case). He did come across as being too mean at times, although I did appreciate him coming around in the end. Even though, I'm not married yet, this novel represented what happens in the first year of marriage filled with doubts and getting adjusted to living together - issues of course that get straightened out with time.

I personally enjoyed Matthew's character and role. This was a man who knew his health was declining and wanted both of his daughters to be married and happy. With Karen, Matthew just wanted to have a granddaughter. He played a great supporting role who did whatever it took so Karen (along with her sister) would be able to live and thrive if something happened to him.

Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!


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