Friday, November 27, 2015

Paranormal Public Book Review

2015 Reading Challenge

29. Paranormal Public by Maddy Edwards
      Theme/Topic: book with magic

There is no such thing as a mage. There is certainly no such thing as a vampire, pixie, werewolf, or fallen angel. And they certainly do not all attend a college together called Paranormal Public University. One minute Charlotte Rollins is a normal girl about to go to a normal college. She is at once excited and nervous, getting ready to start this new phase in her life. The next minute she is a freshman not at a normal college, but at Paranormal Public University, a school where paranormals of all kinds must co-exist. Charlotte must learn magic, that is, if she could actually do magic, which unlike every other mage at Public she can’t seem to manage. Her transition to this new and wonderful world is difficult. On top of trying to learn magic, make new friends, and confront forbidden love, the archenemy of the paranormals, the demons, are getting stronger. They are looking for something. It turns out that Charlotte might just hold the key to finding it. Can Charlotte get a handle on her powers in time to save the school she loves? Can she fulfill a destiny the paranormals scarcely dared to hope for? Or will she be too late?

My Review:
I thought it got off to a bit of slow start, but it did get better as it went along. Since this is a book about magic, I only found what happened to Charlotte in the beginning was strange (right before and as she was taken away to the paranormal university).

I did appreciate how the five dorms were explained: Airlee being for mages, dream givers and werewolves; Cruor being for vampires; Aurora being for fallen angels; Volans being for pixies; and Astra being for elementals. What I particularly didn't like was how they weren't really allowed to get along with people from the other dorms/houses (or the whole my house/dorm is better than yours type of vibe) besides their own - it was too cliqueish and high school like for me. I personally don't like cliques, but it definitely shouldn't be any of that in college/university - you would think the people would have matured in that area by then.

This was the kind of book in which you knew what was going on before the characters did. For instance, I knew Charlotte was an elemental long before she did. I had figured it out when she had the strange experience in Astra the first she had to clean it. It did take me a bit longer to realize that the president was behind everything. I felt bad for Lisabelle who took the blame for it all (by way of the president).

Of course, all the houses/dorms had to come together at the end to save the university. Most of the trouble could have been avoided if they all got along from the get-go though.

There were a lot of similarities with Harry Potter. Since I am a Harry Potter fan, this book didn't live up to my expectation that I had going into reading this. It was kind of a letdown for me. Although the story did have its moments, it wasn't good enough for me to want to continue reading the rest of the series.

Note: I will not be posting for a few days after this because I have to go out of town for a funeral. If I feel up to it, I will try to post on Wednesday and if not, it will be Thursday.

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