Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bead on Trouble Book Review

2015 Reading Challenge

9. Bead on Trouble by Barbara Burnett Smith
Theme/Topic: a book you started but never finished

I got this book several years ago. I was into beading back then so the title had popped out for me and I was interested. That was until I actually started reading it. I think I ended up reading about half before giving up. This time around, I read the whole book, but was still left feeling unimpressed. It had its moments and some of the beading tips were good. However, the quality of writing was not presented well in my opinion, not to mention that there were parts that had nothing to do with the storyline at all. Those parts could have easily been left out. This was Barbara Burnett Smith's first book and authors do tend (something I've noticed) to write better as they keep writing more books. It is a murder mystery and unlike most mysteries, I was able to figure out who the murderer was long before the police/detectives and even Kitzi (the main character) did - pretty much almost immediately. It let me down because it took the fun out of trying to solve the actual mystery.
Synopsis: Meet Kitzi Camden, former stateswoman. When she retired, Kitzi dreamed of doing what she loves best--beading. She certainly didn't plan to try her hand at amateur sleuthing. But lately, trouble seems to find her wherever she goes--even deep into the woods. When a young beader is killed at a beading retreat, Kitzi is faced with almost as many suspects as there are beads in her bag.
I would recommend this book only to people who like beading and maybe a little mystery.
Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!

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