Monday, May 25, 2015

Short Stories Review

2015 Reading Challenge
11. Short Stories by Edith Wharton
      Theme/Topic: a book of short stories
This is a compilation of seven of Edith Wharton's short stories. I'm going to list them in the same order they are in the book and a brief synopsis.

1. "Expiation" - satiric revealing story about the publishing industry, featuring a writer determined to increase the sales of her first novel

2. "The Dilettante" - a young man who prides himself on his ability to manipulate women must face ironic consequences when he introduces his fiancée to his supposed lover

3. "The Muse's Tragedy" - a woman whose reality differs from her public persona 

4. "The Pelican" - another woman whose reality differs from her public persona

5. "Souls Belated" - a tragedy of mores, focuses on characters overcome by the demands of convention

6. "Xingu" - witty satire on the intellectual pretensions of a group of rich women

7. "The Other Two" - a darkly humorous look at the consequences of divorce

Instead of doing separate reviews on each story, I'm going to list them in order from my favorite to least favorite.

                                                       1. "Expiation"
                                                       2. "The Other Two"
                                                       3. "The Dilettante"
                                                       4. "Xingu"
                                                       5. "The Muse's Tragedy"
                                                       6. "Souls Belated"
                                                       7. "The Pelican"
Have you read any of Edith Wharton's works, either short stories or novels?

The list for the reading challenge can be found here.
Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!


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